Upset Begone! How To Flow With Life

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Upset Begone! How To Flow With Life




Thank you for joining me once again for my continuing series on Emotional Intelligence. Today, Part Three focuses on going with the flow of life. I’m standing at sunny Seacrest Beach, FL and I’m using a lot of energy to stand up against the breeze today.

After a while it wears me down.

The same scenario plays out in our relationships at home and at work. We fight to get our ideas and our points across only to feel like we are standing up against the wind using all our energy to get nowhere. It wears you down.

To keep more of your own energy and go with the breeze, stop fighting others opinions. Respect where they stand in their own journey. If they don’t agree with your input, that’s perfectly ok. You don’t have to agree with them either. 

The key is to accept them as they are in the moment. 

This is a true character building strength.

Say these words, “Your words are true for you, my words are true for me. Let it be.” When you do this, the resistance falls away and you find yourself going with the breeze and the flow of life. Upset disappears.

Opportunities to improve will always be present. You don’t have to give in to anything or anyone to accept things as they are now.

So remember, when you get upset and frustrated, accept and go with the breeze. Keep your energy.

Things will play out exactly the way they should in the end.

Here’s an easy formula to take to Heart:

Resistance = See It this Way

Acceptance = Let It Be


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