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Peace Awaits

Upset Begone! How To Flow With Life

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xe_hiuX2yX4[/youtube]     Thank you for joining me once again for my continuing series on Emotional Intelligence. Today, Part Three focuses on going with the flow of life. I’m standing at sunny Seacrest Beach, FL and I’m using a lot of energy to stand up against the breeze today. After a while it wears me…
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Calgon Take Me Away! What to Do When Life Gets Upsetting

Things don’t change. We change. ~ Henry David Thoreau Life can be seemingly awful at times and brilliant at others. It really comes down to your perception of it. What do you do when life really gets difficult, when situations and people tend to pile on and make the molehill a mountain? Well, the answer…
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