An Engaging Way to Start Your Day

Peace Awaits

An Engaging Way to Start Your Day



Gratitude is the stuff goodness is made of.

Welcome back to the Evolving Heart and my continuing series on Emotional Intelligence. How can you change your emotional charge in an instant and keep it positive all day?

Evoke Gratitude.

As a matter of fact, start your day with it. Think of five things you can be grateful for first thing in the morning. It could be that fact that you’re breathing, you love your family, the wonderful benefits your job provides, or that you’re healthy among many other things.

When you get into Gratitude, you evoke a positive emotion which stabilizes the heart rate and builds a foundation for other positive thoughts to come in.

I’m standing at Seacreast Beach, FL and I’m very grateful to be here. I feel privileged to be at the beach where the ocean meets the land. It’s a sacred place that makes me feel alive.

As mentioned in my first video on Emotional Intelligence, the beach serves as my good place, the place I can go to in my mind, especially in times of stress, to change my attitude right away.

To take charge of today and make it the best it can be, you must consciously take control of your emotional center.

Begin the day with five things you are grateful for and watch the rest of your day unfold the way you started it.

You will be glad you did.


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