An Easy Way to Feel Good Now!

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An Easy Way to Feel Good Now!



Thank you for joining us today. We are starting a new, five part series on Emotional Intelligence! One of the ways that you can get out of anger, upset, and frustration quickly and easily depends on your breathing. If you want to feel better instantly, focus on your breath. When we get upset or angry, the breath gets shallow or even stops altogether.

To feel better now, do these two things.

1. Focus your awareness on your breathing. To do this, close your eyes and see a picture of your heart. Breathe in from your heart and out from your heart, in from your heart and out from your heart. Continue this for several more breaths.

2.  Establish a good place for you. For me, it’s the beach. Put yourself there and activate your senses. I feel the sand beneath my feet, I hear the waves coming on shore, I feel the cool breeze, I see the sun giving warmth and I feel it too. I become grateful instantly. So as you continue to breathe in from your heart and out from your heart, go to your good place. Where it that for you?

As you breathe and visualize your good place, you take control of your breathing which allows you to get out of tunnel vision and back into what you need to do next. Also, you activate a positive emotion which gets you back to a neutral place where you can function and get on with your day, free of anger, upset, and frustration!

Give it a try. It’s phenomenal once you get the hang of it!

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  1. A simple and easy technique to do when life gets tough.

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