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What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a natural process of letting go of an emotion that allows our lives to flow in harmony with Life. We get stuck when we hold onto something energetically. The act of forgiveness opens us up to experience greater unconditional love in our relationships, in our interactions with others, and brings us closer to God. It frees us. Forgiveness is a loving, spiritual discipline that keeps us physically, mentally, emotionally healthy. Forgiveness provides peace and promotes a sense of personal success from the inside out.

To Forgive is to cancel any expectation, condition, or demand that one holds on to that prevents the free flow of unconditional love between yourself, another being, and to our God. Forgiveness is for your benefit and no one else. It provides you the opportunity to move forward with a renewed sense of vigor and happiness. Forgiveness is the most valuable tool you can use for your own well being.

FAQ – Q: If I forgive, does that release anyone else from their actions? A: No, forgiveness is for your benefit only. You don’t release anyone else from their actions, you release you from what you are holding.

Q: What if I forgive and it all comes back? A: Forgiveness is permanent. We cover the emotional, mental, and spiritual in the Forgiveness process. Once something is forgiven, it never comes back.

Q: What if I can’t face the issue? A: You can, however you might not be ready. If you need peace in your life, desperately want to be happy, and are tired of getting the same old results, then you are ready to forgive for you own benefit and move on to greater successes.

The Experience of Forgiveness

What does it feel like to forgive? How do I know I really let go of something that really hurt me?

The experience of forgiveness is so profoundly amazing and refreshing that there is no doubting it when it happens. Forgiveness changes you physically, mentally, and emotionally, melting the weight of resentment and flooding your body with fresh energy from above. It mends your frayed personal boundaries, and empowers you to move forward with a new perspective that is full of hope, trust, and renewed love of others with God.

When you do the thorough and gritty work that goes into releasing a trauma or wound from the past, you reestablish your connection with God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, or your spiritual Source, which connects you to a sense of light and lightness.

For the last thirty years, I have walked a path of Forgiveness that has provided me with unbelievable privileges, insights, and new ways of thinking that are hard to describe. I walked a path of painful struggle and confusion as a child, and I have been shown a definitive way to triumph over any adversity and use that experience to my greatest advantage. Forgiveness provided me the path to personal victory. I can only thank God for His intervention and the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross which makes forgiveness automatic for those who are willing to accept the graces. 

My spiritual teacher, who has shown me the most precious gift of the Eight Steps to Freedom Model, is Mary Hayes Grieco. Mary has worked for twenty years practicing unconditional love and forgiveness as a spiritual path. “Unconditional Love and Forgiveness” is a body of work she stumbled upon in 1986 when she met her spiritual mentor, Dr. Edith Stauffer. Dr. Stauffer crafted an elegant eight step model of forgiving others, and another one to forgive yourself, out of her spiritual studies and forty years’ experience as a psychotherapist. The result is a powerful tool that enables a person to directly triumph over any injury, large or small, and find permanent healing for it. 

First of all, nobody really wants to do forgiveness, we just want to feel better. It’s kind of like having an acute pain and recognizing the need to get it checked out. We don’t want to go to the doctor and we feel more pain for a time, hoping it will go away. But the pain persists and we know that we’ll feel better if we do something about it. So, we muster the discipline to make the appointment, go through the experience, and get the relief we needed.

In the same way, we often put off naming the fact that we need to do an act of forgiveness, because then we have to go do something about it! Maybe we don’t want to do it but it seems difficult and we don’t know how. Maybe we are afraid that if we forgive someone who has hurt us, we will make ourselves too vulnerable and set ourselves up for further hurt. Perhaps we can’t forgive because we feel that what was done is unjust, and we think that forgiveness implies that we condone injustice. (It doesn’t.)

Or it could be that we find so much satisfaction in feeling right” in our judgment of another, and we’d rather be right than be at peace. Usually, people are ready to forgive when they tire of the struggle and the ugly story playing over and over in their heads. The need for peace finally outweighs the need to be right.

The relief of forgiveness comes to us if we are able to work with a wound through all parts of our being. This is a process that breaks down into simple, easy steps. Dr. Stauffer crafted these steps because of what she observed in over forty years of work as a psychotherapist. It goes like this: first, we need to strongly assert our willingness to make a change in attitude and move forward in our life. We need to thoroughly share the painful emotion of our experience with a compassionate person. Then we dissolve our attachment to the unfulfilled expectations we are addicted to in the mind that prevent a natural flow of acceptance and love between ourselves and another. We set new boundaries and get into right relationship to responsibility for the hurtful event. Then when we reach to God, Jesus, or Spirit for healing, energy, and grace and it comes pouring in! When we truly forgive, we are physically and emotionally transformed, and God picks us up and sets our feet on new ground. We can walk forward with a new lease on life.

I am so grateful for my journey of Forgiveness and triumph over significant adversity. The benefit of perseverance and learning from defeat is still unfolding as my path today. Forgiveness has been such a big part of me having peace and moving forward. It will continue to provide extraordinary benefits for the rest of my life.

Let’s get you started on your Path to Peace today!

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