Hit the Road Jack! – Ending the Cycle of Negative Emotions

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Hit the Road Jack! – Ending the Cycle of Negative Emotions

Throughout life, the two most futile emotions are guilt for what has been done, and worry about what might be done. ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

I know from personal experience that negative emotions like guilt and anger can easily wiggle into my life and get to the best of me at times. I found that the magic elixir to end these negative emotions for good is Forgiveness. Although the process of Forgiveness has been around for centuries, it is becoming more accepted today as a way to experience freedom from pain, hurt, and suffering. Studies have shown that physical illnesses and cancer are at all time high in society. As we continue to search for answers to disease and suffering in their lives, Forgiveness gives us a clue as to where to find those answers.

There are five main negative emotions that affect all of us in some way. They are:

   1. Guilt

 2. Toxic Shame

   3. Resentment (Anger)

   4. Criticism

   5. Fear

These emotions are the biggies, the silent internal killers that are rooted in the basic core belief of You are not good enough.

Take note, some of these subtle messages you might quietly hear in everyday conversations and unintentionally internalize in your daily activities:

Guilt quietly says:  You don’t DO enough.

Toxic shame reinforces: You ARE not good enough.

Resentment (Anger) stands up and shouts: Why did they do that to you?

Criticism gladly highlights: I can’t believe you did that! What an idiot!

Fear cleverly says: No, you CAN’T do that!

I long ago came to the conclusion that I would be better off without these negative emotions controlling my life. So, what did I want instead? Good health? Happiness? Prosperity? Well, I wanted all of it. Forgiveness had the power of showing me how to show negative emotions the door for good and replace them with Joy, Hope, Love, and Peace.

I’ve seen Forgiveness open the flood gate to happiness many times. I’ve experienced it my own life, replacing a significant childhood event with total peace and freedom. Nothing I’ve ever done for my emotional and mental health has been more effective than Releasing My Pent Up Stuff.

Nothing beats Forgiveness, not even with a stick. It is the highest form of Love that you and I can give.

The best part is when I decided to forgive, I did it for me. No one else. I did it just for my own wellbeing. Now, how fabulous is that?

Being in some state of Unforgiveness is the norm for most of us. It used to be that way for me. Unforgiveness slowly kills from the Inside Out.

However, experiencing Forgiveness fully dissolves and melts away guilt, resentment, toxic shame, criticism and fear permanently.

So, how can you bring Forgiveness into your life? Begin with these three simple steps:

1. State your will to change – Forgiveness begins with a willingness to make life better. I came to realize that, at a particular point, not changing was more damaging than changing. When you get to that point, you are ready to forgive. Sometimes, it takes a while to get there and that is perfectly fine. You are on your own unique journey.

2. Acceptance of the Self – this is a toughie. With the drive to push and have more and more in life, self acceptance is rarely popular. The more I was able to accept myself right where I was and know that I was where I was meant to be, the more I let the concept of good enough sink in. You are good enough just the way you are. Yes, you can always improve. But, give yourself a break and be ok with AS IS for now. It’s important.

3. Stay Present in the Now – what happened yesterday will never change. Yet, I replayed it like the best song I ever heard. I allowed it to loop over and over. What’s worse, on some level I felt responsible for every situation I faced. Guilt stings. How unfortunate is it that we continually punish ourselves in the present for things in the past that will never change? Forgiveness changes all of that. Forgiveness allows you to let go of the past and it never comes back. Once you forgive, you break the loop. You become unstuck. Then you move forward and you begin to approve of yourself without the criticism.

The Eight Steps to Freedom and the Five Steps to Self Forgiveness that you experience as part of the Evolving Heart Forgiveness Coaching Program is the definitive way to end suffering, pain, and even help to alleviate physical disease.

Forgiveness is the way to say to your Negative Emotions, Hit the Road Jack and Don’t You Come Back No More, No More, No More, No More!

Decide that today is the day you want a definitive path to healing, prosperity, and fullness in life. Put an end to the negative emotions that run your show. You will be a freer, healthier person for it. I know I was.


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