Experience the Wonder of The PEACE Process

Peace Awaits

Experience the Wonder of The PEACE Process

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In my new five part blog series, I will be giving you a sneek peek of the PEACE Process which is detailed in my forthcoming book The Path to a Peaceful Heart. The PEACE process is the culmination of the steps I took over a thirty year period to find understanding, clarity, and finally peace from childhood adversity.

The PEACE process can be applied to anyone’s life in any set of circumstances. It is a universal model to use in your own situation for better perspective. The PEACE process also provides a helping hand for those who have struggled to find awareness and understanding from the tough times that life has dealt them.

The Path to a Peaceful Heart will undoubtedly pull you up to a higher place in your life. 

The first step in the time tested PEACE process is:

Practice becoming an Observer Witness

In the hurried pace of life, we get too caught up in reacting to the people and things around us and not enough time observing what is really going on. Step 1 in the PEACE process gives you the path to explore recognizing the difference between things as are they are versus how you feel about them.

When you can take yourself out of 100% reactionary mode to ask what is really there, you get amazing and clear perspective. You need to get to a place where you accept that the situation is what it is regardless of how you feel about it. This separation and the true perspective begins when you realize and accept that you are more than your emotions.

You are a higher presence, with and without reactions. Because you are a higher presence, you have the ability to consciously choose how you will respond in any circumstance no matter how you feel.

One simple way to become more of an observer witness and get out of upset is to take a mental timeout.

Taking a mental timeout means disengaging (mentally and physically) from the painful situation and pulling up to a 10,000 foot airplane view to see what is really happening. This allows your emotions to subside so you can get a clearer picture of what to do next.

The Practice of becoming an Observer Witness will be further detailed in my new book coming out soon. Until next week, take a timeout and be good to yourself.

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