New Release Coming Soon: The Path to a Peaceful Heart

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New Release Coming Soon: The Path to a Peaceful Heart

As I get closer to the release date of my second book within the next couple of months, I wanted to give you a quick summary of what you will find in it. For many people who have struggled through any form of adversity and defeat, this book will be a complete game changer for them.

The Path to a Peaceful Heart

Adversity and Defeat consistently gives us an opportunity to transform our lives into a positive course of action. We just don’t know how best to do it. The rewards for those who do change their perceptions of adversity are nothing short of miraculous. They find a Peaceful Heart.

Such is the subject of Taylor Tagg’s new book The Path to a Peaceful Heart: Tearing Down the Walls of Childhood Trauma and Finding Freedom, Understanding, and Purpose. In this wonderful and accessible book, author, speaker, coach, and trauma survivor Taylor Tagg shares generously from his own battle with childhood pain and his long and difficult journey to a new life grounded in inner peace. He also turns a professional eye on the twists and turns of his own journey in order to create a clear and concise roadmap for others to follow.

That roadmap comes to life in Taylor’s presentation of The PEACE Process:

Audiences and readers will be empowered to:

• Turn daily struggle into a mindset that pays off consistently
• Transform life’s defeats into victory
• Gain clarity of self in the midst of confusing circumstances
• Positively change self-defeating patterns
• Activate the formula to take their power back
• Free connections to the past permanently
• Awaken the very best in themselves
• Experience a Peaceful Heart

Taylor’s new book The Path to a Peaceful Heart and the PEACE process are sure to inform and inspire you as you learn how to transform life’s circumstances into remarkable success and soar free into a realm of peace and purpose.

Look out for it…coming soon!



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