Peace Awaits

The Greatest Gift of Them All

Love will decide everything ~ Pedro Arrupe The greatest gift of them all is Forgiveness. It is the greatest gift because it is given TO YOU BY YOU with Love. Forgiveness provides Peace and inspires Love in others. Forgiveness is the integrated process of letting go of expectations you hold of another and of yourself, detaching from all that…
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The Beautiful and Shiny Effects of Forgiveness

   If  I were to tell you that to truly move forward in your life, all you had to do was to move out of the way of the ugly parked car in front of you, would you move? Most would say Duh! Of Course! How silly! But most of us do not move, no…
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How Forgiveness Can Set You Free

   To forgive another is to set a prisoner free, then discover the prisoner is you. ~ Lewis Smedes It’s a funny thing how this letting go stuff works. I never thought letting go of past hurts would free my soul so easily and permanently. But it did. It can for you too. Now, I’m…
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