The Beautiful and Shiny Effects of Forgiveness

Peace Awaits

The Beautiful and Shiny Effects of Forgiveness

 If  I were to tell you that to truly move forward in your life, all you had to do was to move out of the way of the ugly parked car in front of you, would you move?

Most would say Duh! Of Course! How silly! But most of us do not move, no matter what. We don’t see that dirty car in our path that keeps us stuck in the mud of life.

Most of our lives, however, do move freely except in one or two key areas where we seem have a resistance or a different take on a Neil Diamond song, “Forever in Stuckjeans Babe!”

We don’t know how to get that parked car out of our way. However, you and I can indeed move that car that is keeping us from moving forward. That’s the power of Forgiveness or Letting Go.  It works to clear your road and help you to move effortlessly again. For some, there comes a new awareness that the parked car is actually there and has been for some time. That’s a good sign. When you can see that something is blocking your progress, you can then begin to remove it. Once you get started, you literally go around that car, put it in your rearview mirror, and never see it again. Then you are able to speed away free and fast!

Remember, no one WANTS to forgive, but we NEED to do it to completely remove the subtle or not so subtle ugly cars that jam our lives. Do you know the best thing about letting go?

Once you forgive, it stays gone permanently.

No rewinds, no Memorex instant playbacks, no fear of it ever returning. That tape of the mind is destroyed for good!

You experience a freedom and lightness that can seemingly move mountains. And guess what?

All of it’s for you!

Because Forgiveness works from the Inside Out, you notice your interior suddenly becomes clean and bright. Your exterior also glows like a new car with a great coat of wax. You shine baby!

You also notice that other new shiny cars roll down the road of life with you.  Like attracts like.

The resistance that you held on to for so long vanishes and all of your energy moves with you and through you like a nice highway cruise in the midst of a beautiful sunset.

When I forgave a person that hurt me for the first time, it was like enormous weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt free to be the real me for once, and understood clearly that Forgiveness wasn’t for that other person, it was for my benefit.

And it felt really good!

To top it off, my injuries changed to become the gifts of my injuries. I now had a new purpose to help others.

Choose today to experience Forgiveness. Let Go and watch those ugly parked cars get behind you and out of your way. You will see the new you shine like the sun.

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