40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 28 The Strength of Holding On

Peace Awaits

40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 28 The Strength of Holding On

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holding on





“The condition of an enlightened mind is a surrendered heart. ”

~ Alan Redpath

The Strength of Holding On serves us well. It keeps us safe. It protects our heart until it hardens too.

The Strength of Holding On gives us the power we need to get through our day and be ready to squash anything that should hurt us again.

The Strength of Holding On is so strong, as a matter of fact, that it can remain front and center for years, decades, even a lifetime.

It protects us forever until we make a change.

Usually a change has become necessary because we have discovered that this “strength” is now holding us back.

We might have become physically ill, mentally confused, or emotionally worn out.

Yes, this Strength of Holding On is so strong, it eventually….kills us.

Until we decide to forgive and move on.

What is perceived as weakness is actually true strength.

As you take that difficult step and let go, you surrender.

Surrender to the other person? No, you surrender to love.

You allow God and Spirit’s love to come in where there was hate or resistance before.

And that love heals you.

No longer do you have to protect yourself from the outside in.

You let love do the talking from the inside out.

And you find happiness again because you took a chance on yourself.

You let yourself experience what you so richly deserve…freedom and relief from the anger, pain, and suffering from holding on.

Blood does not flow through veins that have hardened.

Blood flows easily through veins that have softened to receive.

Surrender to love and love will be the blood that carries itself to every part of your body and spirit to refresh you.

It’s not easy, but it’s necessary to reach good health.

If this were a popularity contest, forgiveness would be in last place and considered the ugly duckling at the start.

But as we all know, what was once ugly and awkward turns into beauty and grace through the natural unfolding of life.

And the natural part of life is to forgive and allow it to unfold as it was always meant to do through love.


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