40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 20 Let Go to Grow

Peace Awaits

40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 20 Let Go to Grow



Growth in life is rooted in the letting go of what is holding you back. Forgive yourself and go.

~ Taylor Tagg

I remember the day I got out of prison, not physical jail but mental prison. It was March 11, 2011. As I sat down to write a letter that day, I thought nothing of it. This was a day like all the rest. I would write this letter to myself and acknowledge whatever I saw and felt and that would be that.

But out of no where, there arose a new perspective in writing that letter that changed my life forever.

This was not a day like all the rest. This was a day like none of the rest.

A day that I realized that all I ever needed in life I already possessed.

I wrote that letter to a little boy that once was me so that I could remove exactly what was preventing growth in my relationships with others and my relationship with myself.

The new perspective that arose was made possible by the removal of the mental and emotional blocks of my life. Once gone, peace and understanding came flooding in not a replacement, but as a condition that was already present, just unrealized.

Nothing was gained that day, only removed to open a new light in my life. That day I canceled the responsibilities I thought were mine and allowed myself to rest.

It was beautiful beyond description.

I had claimed subconscious responsibility for a situation that was never mine to begin with.

I had no idea that I had been holding on like that…until I let go almost by accident some thirty years later.

We hold on to small things in our lives that add up to big resentments, positions, and unfairness over time.

We don’t know that we hold on like that…until we suddenly realize what we have been missing and understand that letting go will now help us.

You must be willing to find an opening in your suit of armor small enough to let something nourishing in.

You must be willing to trust in what you don’t know in order to comprehend what you do know already.

You must be willing to forgive yourself of conscious and unconscious responsibility that is keeping you from your best self.

You can do this. I will show you how. In as little as 20 minutes, your pain can be gone forever.

To find more about Taylor’s Peace of Heart Day on March 11, 2011, read The Path to a Peaceful Heart or contact him at ttagg@TheEvolvingHeart.com


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