Gratitude: The Magic Icing on the Cake of Life

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Gratitude: The Magic Icing on the Cake of Life

There is no time like the current moment to offer a spirit of gratitude for all that has come our way.

Gratitude or thankfulness by definition is a feeling, emotion, or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive.

To me, gratitude is like a magic icing. It can make you feel good anytime you decide to take a bite.

Expressing thankfulness during the holidays also puts a pep in our step and a smile on our face. The giving season is about contributing to the benefit and goodness of others, not only about what we receive. Thankfulness has a way of filtering into our hearts and putting the good seal of approval on all that we provide and accept.

Forgiveness also has a way of offering us a new state of gratitude because when we let go, we give away what we don’t want to hold on to anymore in life. Gratitude flows naturally as a result.

So, why be grateful?

Because it always brings to light what is important.

Try this now. Find the nearest sheet of paper and pen and write down ten things you are thankful for.

Now, what would your life look like without those people, circumstances, or things?

Gratitude brings to the surface what is good and what really matters to us. In Spiritual Leadership and success in life, focusing on what is meaningful brings exactly more meaning to our lives.

Dr. Napoleon Hill stated in his Science of Success philosophy, “Keep your mind focused on all the things you desire in life and off all the things you do not want.” That mastery mindset helps bring your true desires to pass because your mind is aware and gainfully working for those benefits.

When what you want shows up, gratitude is a divine way to appreciate those gifts.

Even in times of pain and suffering, gratitude works wonders. As Dr. Hill states, “there is always a seed of equivalent benefit in every disappointment, every adversity, and every defeat.”

As you move through adversity, look for the seed of equivalent or greater benefit because it will always appear.

Sometimes, thankfulness helps us see what we didn’t want. Have you ever thought, “I want that so bad.” Then later think, “Thank God that didn’t happen! Whew!”

Gratitude has a way of bringing out the best in us and for us. Our mistakes become our teachers. Our troubles become our opportunities. Our appreciation for what is, although not perfect, becomes the gooey topping that holds our life together somehow.

Gratitude is the yummy icing on our cake of life. It makes whatever the situation is sweeter, easier to digest, and worth the wait.

The gift of gratitude and thankfulness is available any time, any day, in any way you want it. Recognize what is in your life and all that has come your way, good and bad. What really matters will stand up and reach out with love.

That’s a delicious piece of cake worth eating.


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