40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 2

Peace Awaits

40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 2


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Shine on us all. Set us free. Love is the answer. ~ England Dan and John Ford Coley

As I reflect on the Feast of St. Valentine, I will choose to let go of the fear that my relationships will not be successful. Instead, today I choose Love and all it’s benefits for myself and for those that I love.

To let go of that fear, I let it surface. That’s scary, but holding fear back just gives it more power over me. Not today. I let it come, feeling that fear and I speak to it.

“Fear you are holding me back from good relationships! Damn you!”

I feel inside what that fear is keeping me from…love in its fullest sense.

I release the expectation that fear would ever leave my space and let me be. I tell fear that I would prefer to have the fullest loving relationships around me, but I don’t.

I say to Fear, “I cancel the expectation that you would allow me to experience the fullness of Love. I’m not participating with you anymore. I’m done with this!”

I visualize an invisible cord coming from me and I cut it away from the source of Fear.

I think about the sacred space within me and picture it full of Love for those I care about. I allow Light and Love to come close to me and all around me filling my personal space with exactly what I asked for today.

Now, I feel like I have plenty of Love to give to others. Fear will not rule my day. Love is the answer. I give thanks that I can be loving especially on a day like today.

I see all the good that the fullness of Love has to offer and the positive benefits it can provide to those that need me.

Now, I will choose to give it.

Happy Valentine’s Day



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