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Peace Awaits

Calgon Take Me Away! What to Do When Life Gets Upsetting

Things don’t change. We change. ~ Henry David Thoreau Life can be seemingly awful at times and brilliant at others. It really comes down to your perception of it. What do you do when life really gets difficult, when situations and people tend to pile on and make the molehill a mountain? Well, the answer…
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Not Shaken nor Stirred – How to Build a Solid Spiritual Foundation

Pic 2. treat-ed-online.com. The appearance of premature ejaculation is due to the presence of cardiac pathologies or sclerosis.. . Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.  Nothing can be done without hope and confidence ~ Hellen Keller  As our family of Heart centered people learn to forgive and clear out some of their resentments, a…
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The Spiritual Code of the Higher Self

Reach higher and higher will reach for you. ~ T Tagg A few months ago, in a moment of divine inspiration, I wrote these words knowing that I would share them one day at just the right time. That time is now. Enjoy the holidays and all the good things that come with them. The…
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