The Healing Steps of Forgiveness

Peace Awaits

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The steps of forgiveness are complete and whole when done in their entirety.

The Ten Steps to Peace and Freedom – Forgiveness of Another Person or Situation

1. Give yourself permission to forgive today

2. State your willingness to make a change in attitude

3. Express your emotions and truth about what happened

4. Cancel any expectations you are holding in your mind

5. Sort out your boundaries: give them responsibility for their actions and take yours

6. Open up to God, Jesus, or Holy Spirit to receive exactly what you need

7. Send unconditional love to the other person

8. See the good in them or in the situation

9. Express gratitude for the opportunity to forgive

10. Notice the physical change and take time to gently integrate it

Five Steps to Self Forgiveness

1. Prepare for self-forgiveness.

Sit on the floor or a chair. Align your will to make a change and stop carrying this issue against yourself. Picture God, Jesus, or Holy Spirit above you, listening compassionately and waiting to grant you the relief of self-forgiveness. Use the image that works best for you.

2. Talk out your problem in detail with God, Jesus, or Holy Spirit, and ask for help.

Allow your full misery to surface and express it with trust and vulnerability, feeling and releasing your emotions about it. Remember there is nothing you can say or do that is unforgivable.

3. Connect with God, Jesus, or Holy Spirit and lift yourself up towards a higher level of consciousness.

Lift above the emotional level by first seeing the good in yourself and saying a few examples of that out loud. Then visualize your image of God, Jesus, or Holy Spirit again and meditate on some of its qualities: peace, wisdom, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, etc. Imagine you can lift yourself to a higher level, leaving your personality down in the chair. Stand up and turn to face the personality from above as you continue to fully resonate with God’s great qualities. Allow your consciousness to shift to it’s highest level and perspective.

4. Forgive yourself fully and completely from this higher level.

When you feel you are in this higher consciousness, look down upon where you were sitting and picture your personal self there awaiting your help. Allow yourself to view your personality and his/her situation from a wise and compassionate and expansive perspective. Extend your hands in healing and blessing, imagining light flowing from you and from God to bathe and release the person below from all burdens. Speak words of advice and comfort out loud to your little personal self from your new perspective. Or just enjoy the silence and light of God. When you feel complete, make a statement like, “… and I forgive you completely,” or “I release you from your shame.”

5. Give thanks for the forgiveness and take in your new perspective.

Take your sitting position and quietly allow this experience to settle and integrate. Note the relief and new understanding. Say: “Thank you for this forgiveness.”

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