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Napoleon Hill’s work has touched the lives of countless thousands through his lectures, teachings, and prolific writings. His internationally known books Think and Grow Rich and The Law of Success have become the standard of motivational literature against which all others are measured.

To perpetuate the success principles he spent a lifetime identifying and sharing with others, Dr. Hill and his wife, Annie Lou, founded the Napoleon Hill Foundation on August 21, 1962. The Foundation remains a not-for-profit corporation, whose sole purpose is to spread Hill’s philosophy of success along with his lifelong published works and yet unpublished manuscripts, recordings, and courses.

Dr. Hill enjoyed many close friendships with many of the turn-of-the-century business leaders who played a significant role in shaping the destiny of America and the world. Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Theodore Roosevelt, and Alexander Graham Bell were but a few (over 500) who freely shared with Hill the secrets of how they attained their success.

Andrew Carnegie so strongly believed in the universal principles of success that he sponsored the research and writing that became the first authoritative treatise in the subject: Personal Success Philosophy of Achievement by Napoleon Hill.

To carry on Hill’s rich legacy, the Foundation has re-released his personalized course for individual or classroom study, The PMA Science of Success Course. 

I am a certified Napoleon Hill Leadership Instructor and invite you and your team to immerse yourself in the study of Napoleon Hill’s System of Personal Mastery and achieve whatever it is that you truly want in life! It’s life changing!

Individual and Group Coaching Available. For businesses, The Science of Success Course is available to be presented at your company or next team building event. For more info or to schedule, please call (901) 921-8901 or email me at

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. ~ Napoleon Hill

The Science of Success Principles

 1. Definiteness Of Purpose

 2. The Master Mind Alliance

 3. Applied Faith

 4. Going the Extra Mile

 5. Pleasing Personality

 6. Personal Initiative

 7. Positive Mental Attitude

 8. Enthusiasm

 9. Self-Discipline

10. Accurate Thinking

11. Controlled Attention

12. Teamwork

13. Learning from Adversity and Defeat

14. Creative Vision

15. Maintenance of Sound Health

16. Budgeting of Time and Money

17. Cosmic Habitforce


Nature yields her most profound secrets to the person who is determined to uncover them. ~ Napoleon Hill


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