The Final Step on The Path to a Peaceful Heart

Peace Awaits

The Final Step on The Path to a Peaceful Heart


In the fifth and final blog post from my upcoming book The Path to a Peaceful Heart, we examine THE MOST IMPORTANT WORK one can do….forgiving oneself. Today, we look at the ending E in the PEACE process, a culmination of steps I took over a thirty year period to find understanding, clarity, and finally peace from childhood adversity.

The PEACE process can be applied to anyone’s life in any set of troublesome circumstances. It is a universal model to use and apply to your own situation for tremendous perspective and insight. The PEACE process also provides a helping hand for those who have struggled to find awareness and understanding from the tough times that life has dealt them.

The Path to a Peaceful Heart will pull you up to a higher place in your life.

The fifth step in the time tested PEACE process is:

Elevate Your Heart and Soul through Forgiveness of Self

How to Forgive Yourself

Here’s the Step 5 Self Forgiveness Process: (To release yourself from self imposed burdens)

1. Find a quiet place and picture an image of you as a little child and listen with compassion as that little one tells you what it felt like to be hurt or resented. Get those feelings out. Listen carefully so you pick up on the shame and guilt that always seems to result.

2. Release your expectations that your past will ever be different. This means letting go of your expectations that you would ever be “normal” or like everyone else, i.e. someone without a hurt or wound.

3. Forgive your adult self and your younger self for everything that has occurred. With compassion, remind both of your selves that you did the very best you could with what you had at the time.

4. Reach out to your younger self, put your arm around that child in a loving and protective embrace, and let yourself know that the adult in you is taking over the job of keeping your younger self safe and secure. Tell your younger self that everything will be okay now, their work is finished.

5. Finally, letting go of your own shame and guilt, embrace your past – the real one, full of pain and hurt – as a necessary but painful series of trials and triumphs that created the wonderful and unique human being you are today. Allow your heart and soul to see the good that is now present as a result of everything you endured.

Once you’re done, sit quietly for a few moments and savor the painful feeling slipping away for good, and the feelings of acceptance, gratitude, and lightness taking its place. This is the path to a clear conscious and sound mental, physical, and emotional health!

The PEACE process is thorough, uplifting, and life changing. 

The Path to a Peaceful Heart PEACE Process:

Practice becoming an Observer Witness

Examine Your Repeating Pattern

Apply Choice

Claim Your Freedom through Forgiveness of Another

Elevate Your Heart and Soul through Forgiveness of Self

Believe, Feel, Forgive, Activate!

Stay tuned to the upcoming release of The Path to a Peaceful Heart. Until then, take care of yourself and give YOU a much needed break.

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