Not Shaken nor Stirred – How to Build a Solid Spiritual Foundation

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Not Shaken nor Stirred – How to Build a Solid Spiritual Foundation

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Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.  Nothing can be done without hope and confidence ~ Hellen Keller 

As our family of Heart centered people learn to forgive and clear out some of their resentments, a question that comes up often is, “How can keep the events of my life from further frustrating me?”

One tried and true way is to examine the spiritual foundation on which you build your thoughts, ideas, and actions.

One great question to begin with is what do I stand for?

What lies underneath the decisions I make?

My spiritual foundation is something concrete to fall back on when events and situations get nasty in my life. At the very minimum, my foundation will have three components of higher backing that will help me deal with any circumstance that comes my way.

I never thought I would find a way through a 30 year journey of childhood trauma, but I did. It was my spiritual foundation that never let me fall completely away. It always held me up in a huge bind.

There are three virtues that can form the base of the foundation that guides your life. They are Faith, Hope, and Love.

They are best used in our everyday lives as Service, Inspiration, and Trust (SIT).

This terrific trio is what I call the SIT Principle for Heart Centered Living. By utilizing these virtues, you can SIT back to lead forward, which means use less effort to get more out of life. Let life work for you instead of the other way around. Let me show you how.

#1 – Service, a form of Love, is the starting point for your spiritual foundation. Since Love is the most powerful emotion at your disposal, it will be the anchor that holds everything else up. When you commit to a mindset of service in your work, family life, and other areas something magical happens.

You are able to gain a sense of humility and gratitude while maintaining full power in everything you do. This combination is a package of spiritual balance which focuses on meeting your needs through helping others first. When you approach your work in this way, service comes back to you in multiple arenas.

#2 – The second virtue that builds upon Service is Inspiration. Inspiration, a form of Hope, is the joy and promise that you can bring to all facets of life and the people you meet. Inspiration is a belief of something better to come, brought about by a thought or word that is positive.

Simply telling someone they are amazing can be unbelievably inspiring. Try it and be prepared for a surprisingly positive reaction in return. The term inspiration can be broken down into two words – In Spirit.

In Spirit entails coming from a higher place within that is greater than you the human being, one that is affirming, contributing, supporting, and loving. When you Inspire, it rebounds back to you in all kinds of fantastic ways. Look for it.

#3 – Trust, a form of Faith, is the ability to rely on others to help you meet your needs in due time. Trust is the opposite of control. Trust is the process of surrendering to a higher knowing that your intentions will be met at the right time. Trust allows for space to receive instead of attempting to direct the outcome. When you Trust, trust comes back to you in many reaffirming ways.

All in all, the virtues of Service, Inspiration, and Trust are designed to help you build a solid base beneath your feet. It might move, but it will never crumble. You might fall, but you will always have the ability to get up because your foundation is supporting you all the while.

When you get in situations of continual frustration and suffering, it’s usually because one of these virtues is lacking in your life.

Ask, how can I serve this troublesome thing, inspire the person who is at odds with me, or trust that this situation will work out for the best?

Direct your thoughts and actions to building a solid spiritual foundation to support you. Knowing that all the decisions you make are in concert with higher principles that are always working in your favor gives you permission to courageously stand and face any circumstance that comes your way.

Life will work for you instead of against you. Less effort will be rewarded with greater results because you set your intentions and allowed them to arrive on time.

You will be on solid ground, not shaken nor stirred. 


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