A GOOD Challenge Worth Finding

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A GOOD Challenge Worth Finding

Life is not facts or happenings. It is the storm of thoughts that forever blows through one’s head. ~ Mark Twain

When I find myself in the thick of negative self talk and emotional responses, it’s hard to see anything else. Those celebrities ALWAYS and NEVER seem to make a special guest appearance in most situations, further pushing my thinking into a corner. I also might follow that up with a good ole shoulda, coulda, and oughta to compound the negative and solidify it in my thinking.

I recently discovered a better way of getting out of negative self talk. I began a small but simple practice of opening my mind and heart to the possibility of reacting differently in everything I do.

I began finding the good in every situation.

When I see myself reacting to situations I don’t want to be in, I immediately turn to find the good, just one thing right there where I stand.

If I’m at a long line at the grocery and I'm anxious, I find the good. If I’m in a heated meeting at work and I'm frustrated, I find the good. When I’m trying to meet a deadline and I'm rushed, I find the good. Before I speak to a group of people and I'm a little nervous, I find the good. Especially when I’m in anxious and angry moments, I find the good.

Now, it takes a minute to make this shift in the moment, but once you do it the first time, it becomes easier. The benefits begin to show themselves right away.

What are the benefits to find the good in everything?

  1. You experience situations from both sides of the coin instead of just one.
  2. Finding the good can change how you feel about a situation or person instantly.
  3. You feel more in control of your emotional response because you invoke options which lead to choice.
  4. You immediately shift from a negative to a positive emotion like appreciation or gratitude.
  5. You discover that you have a powerful emotional asset that will work for you instead of against you.
  6. Finding the good adds positive funds to your emotional bank account.

Where to Begin

When you get into a negative response and you don’t want to be there, tell yourself STOP! Then immediately think of one thing good in that situation or person no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. The good is always there waiting to be discovered. There are no exceptions. Give it a try and a little time to work for you.

I have found this small exercise to be a powerhouse in my life.

There is always something good and bad to experience in all situations and all people. The key to YOUR emotional health is to decide what you want to find in situations instead of accepting everything that comes with the circumstances.

Finding the good is a challenge. However, it’s easy to start. It takes discipline to stick with it and the benefits are quite amazing. Once you begin to find the good, you just might discover the good finding you without much effort.


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