Why Forgiveness is Super Useful in the Workplace

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Why Forgiveness is Super Useful in the Workplace

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Forgiveness is relevant when living any aspect of life to the fullest, but it’s especially important in the workplace. This is where we spend most of our time with others day in and day out.

When we forgive our co-workers and team members, we set ourselves up to move forward to meet the next task, free and clear of biting our tongues and wishing the situation were different.

While unforgiveness pours on the guilt of errors in hindsight, forgiveness allows the negative feelings of mistakes and missteps to fall away. Why? Because the person forgiving realizes that he or she needs to be clear more than anyone else.

When we don’t forgive our co-workers and teammates, we hold on to negative energy and feelings that want to pass through us. We just don’t allow them to go on by.

Whether its the boss who is too critical, the co-worker who won’t do the job, the competitive teammate who only wants to get ahead, or the manager who was disrespectful, unforgiveness builds up.

This holding on powered by “I’m right” or “I’ve lost,” traps the feelings within us, where they cause a plethora of physical, mental, and emotional damage.

Sometimes that damage takes months and years of unconscious conflict playing out in our relationships until we realize we need to let go of our own old, hurt energy.

The good news is that holding on is no one’s fault, but it’s ours to change if we choose.

Here are three tips to fire the holder and hire the forgiver within you:

1. Forgive Yourself – It’s the toughest task with the most benefits. Allow the critic within you to take a break. Who benefits? You do!

2. Accept the Apology You Will Never Receive – They may never apologize. Why do we continue to suffer waiting on it? There is no need. Accept that unspoken apology within you and move on. Who benefits? You do!

3. Cultivate Gratitude – Forgiveness is an act of love and an act of service in the workplace. Follow forgiveness up with the positive emotion of gratitude. It demonstrates that you have the courage and conviction to let go even in the face of someone else’s harsh words or actions. Your internal health and happiness is at stake. Who guess who benefits? You do!

Forgiveness creates an environment of learning from mistakes, freedom for success, higher performance levels, and a greater sense of employee loyalty. 

Forgive and move on…for you.

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