Forgiveness 101: A Simple Technique of Letting Go Anywhere Anytime

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Forgiveness 101: A Simple Technique of Letting Go Anywhere Anytime


In today’s Evolving the Heart video blog, we are going to talk about how Forgiveness and Letting Go can allow you to find peace within and set yourself free of anything at anytime.

This is a very simple technique that I'm going to show you how to use today. You can use it anytime during the day.

Many people have misconceptions about Forgiveness. We think it’s letting someone else off the hook, when in fact, it's letting yourself off the hook so you can find peace within your own heart.

Lewis Smedes put it this way,

"To forgive another is to set a prisoner free, then discover the prisoner is you."

And many times we hold ourselves and the tough parts of our relationships within us when our bodies naturally want to let go!

For example, one of your children runs up to you, has a scar on their arm, and says, "Look, look, looky here! I have a wound! Look at my wound!" And you say, “Oh, I'm so sorry. Let's get that bandaged up. Everything’s going to be ok. You can go right back out to play."

So, that just what you do. You bandage your child up and send them right back out to play and they act like nothing ever happened.

Forgiveness and Letting Go is exactly the same. It’s bandaging our hearts up and moving forward in life as if nothing happened.

Not that the things and relationships in our lives are not important because they are. However, the things we build up inside of us need to get out and they need to move forward.

You need to get them out.

And sometimes as an adult, you find yourself holding on when you shouldn’t be. And it hurts.

Let's try this simple technique to begin letting go of some of the things you are holding on to.

Think of one thing that you would like to let go of.  Let’s start small.

Here is a good example. Let’s say you spouse didn’t take the trash out. You expected him or her to take it out, and do it at a certain time, and they didn’t do it! Arrrrrgh!

You are angry, frustrated, and mad about it!

And so what we can do is simply is let go of the EXPECTATION we have of them taking the trash out.

If I were to ask, would you better off just for this moment, just for right now, if you were without the thought of resentment towards your spouse for not taking the trash out?

Would you be happier right now without that thought?

Would you be more at peace if you didn’t have to worry about that?

Most of you would say, "Yeah Sure, I'd be able to go and do things that I want to do today and feel good about it!"

Let's just try this for a moment.

Just let go of the expectation you have of the situation like the child with the bandage.

And let's say for this moment that your peace within is a little more important that what's going in outside of you and around you.

Your peace within IS more important.

So, release the expectation, let go of that thing, just for now.

When you do, you will feel more at peace and more happiness within yourself.

You will have a little pep in your step because of it.

Letting Go does take a little practice and starting small is the best way to do it.

Practice this throughout your day. If you can release expectations of anything at least 3 times a day, you are on a great track to getting started with Forgiveness and to be in a mental capacity to let go anytime at any place.

Keep practicing. In our video blogs upcoming, we will be talking more about the Forgiveness process and how it can open up an ocean of peace within your life.

So, until next time, be loving, be kind, and be forgiving.

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