Forgive Quick Response Tool for Relationship Improvement (FQR)

Peace Awaits

Forgive Quick Response Tool for Relationship Improvement™

Not dealing with our emotions and our resentments will have detrimental effects on our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Use the Forgive Quick Response Tool (FQR) to find immediate relief from pain and hurt.

You can keep your sense of justice while simultaneously removing the sting that comes with holding on to a negative emotion.

Press on with a clear heart and mind!

Here’s how to forgive quickly and move on – For You, By You 

How to Accept the Apology You Will Never Receive. (FQR)

1. Identify the Feeling You Are Holding – “I am angry right now!”

2. Welcome it / Observe & Witness it – “Well look at you all fired up!”

3. Ask the Question – “Do I want to be WITHOUT this feeling just for now?”

4. Choose – If NO, go back to Step 1 and allow the feeling to come. If YES, continue with the FQR Tool.


FQR – Forgive Quick Response Tool for Relationship Improvement ™

Place a lightly closed fist right above your heart.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

Verbalize each statement below. As you do, lightly thump chest once and take one deep, extended breath after each statement.

1. “I let go of _______ (the feeling) (Lightly Thump chest and exhale)

2. “Please forgive me for my part.” (Lightly thump chest and exhale)

3. “All is forgiven.” (Lightly thump chest and exhale)

4. “Thank you.” (Lightly thump chest and exhale)

Creatively visualize what’s left of the feeling leaving you (ie hole in the chest, throwing feeling to the wind, smoke rising from the head, etc – make it your own)

Replace negative emotion with positive emotion (Bring in a positive emotion like joy, love, appreciation, understanding in through the same way neg feeling exited)

Thump chest lightly and anchor the feeling by visualizing it settling into you.

Really allow the new feeling to settle in.

Repeat if necessary until you feel a positive shift in your emotions.


All acts of forgiveness (fqr) should be followed with the questions:

1. What did I replace the negative feeling with?

2. What is this person or situation teaching me to do for myself?

3. What is the gift I have now received?

Celebrate your new freedom!


Taylor Tagg

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