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Peace Awaits

The Eight Steps to Freedom – Claim Your Peace Through Forgiveness of Another

Taylor’s signature forgiveness session on audio! Allow Taylor to take you gently through the forgiveness process so you can release what no longer serves you and experience peace and relief from within. Play this audio over and over, each time learning new facets when you need to let go and experience precious freedom.



The Five Steps to Self Forgiveness – Elevate Your Heart and Soul Though Forgiveness of Self

Taylor’s signature self forgiveness session on audio! Allow Taylor to gently guide through the beautiful process of self forgiveness so you can fully give yourself much need relief and freedom from within. Make self forgiveness and self love a regular part of daily life for greater peace and appreciation of what is good about you.



The Path to a Peaceful Heart eBook

Taylor’s 30 year journey through childhood trauma and the re-purposing of that situation into The Peace Process, his signature personal power and forgiveness model.




Enrich Your Sunrise eBook

Taylor’s 40 Day program to greater vibrancy and fulfillment in your life. Create a positive way to deal with the world and with yourself.







Forgiveness Session with Taylor

Let go of resentment, hurt, or a wounded heart to open up to love and light in your life. Forgiveness session can focus on forgiveness of another or on forgiveness of self. Taylor will guide through the forgiveness steps with the utmost kindness and gentleness. Sign up for freedom today!



90 Days to Peace Study Program

Taylor’s signature program to Peace and Joy in your life. Work individually with Taylor in depth to open up to new healthy perspectives, new life, and new intention in everything you do. Program includes one weekly call with Taylor, study materials, a copy of Taylor’s two books, access to Taylor’s audios, and unlimited email gateway. Subject study will include self assessment and understanding, personal power tools, healthy boundary strategies, and forgiveness work. Open up to Peace!









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