Four Compelling Ways to Take Control of Your Emotional Center

Peace Awaits

Four Compelling Ways to Take Control of Your Emotional Center




Hi, it’s Taylor from The Evolving We are wrapping up our series this week on Emotional Intelligence and learning how to control your emotions rather than them controlling you.

To summarize what we have covered over the last four weeks, in Week 1 we talked about how to feel good right now. The way to do this is focus on your breathing. We took you through an exercise in which you close your eyes, visualize your heart, and breathe in and out deeply from the heart.

We also found a good place for you. We did our Emotional Intelligence video series from the beach because that was my good place. We actually put you in my good place so you can literally go there in your mind to feel the sand beneath your feet, hear the waves crashing onto shore, to sense the sun and its warmth on your body.

I put you in my good place so you can create your own to go at any time to get out of upset, frustration, and overwhelm. You now have a transition in which to invoke a positive emotion and make you feel better instantly.

In week 2, we talked about starting your day feeling grateful. The very basic element that you can be grateful for is your breath. The fact that you are alive, living life, and breathing right now is outstanding. You can also be grateful for the people in your life, what is working for you, and what you do have rather than what you don’t. This is a key component for changing your emotions right where you stand and on the spot.

In Week 3, we went into flowing with life and going with the breeze instead of against it. The way to invoke this internally is to accept a person or thing for what they are in the moment and not focus so much on what they could be doing or should be doing. Say instead, “you know what, for now, that’s just good enough.”

This doesn’t mean you have to give up on improvement or working with people on direction, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about going within and accepting things just as they are right now in the moment.

In week 4, we worked on letting go and loosening our grip on life. I gave you a great example of water. The more we try to hold on tightly to water, the more it slips away. If we loosen our grip on water, if we support it underneath, and give positive feedback, it stays close and in our hand.

This leads into the state of our relationships. If we loosen our grip on what we think should be, and we allow people to be who they are and shine in the way they will anyway, it allows our life and relationships to move and flow again.

When we let go a little, we don’t get upset, frustrated, and so tightly wound up as we normally would. Letting go and loosen our grip allows us to be free and find peace within. In that peace, we take more control of our emotional center.

So, to bring it home:

1. Breathe through your heart

2. Be Grateful to start your day

3. Accept things as they are

4. Loosen your grip on life

Do these things from the Inside Out and life will move for you.

I think Napoleon Hill said it best: “Sound character provides the power with which a person may ride the emergencies of life instead of being overwhelmed by them.”

Be sure to watch our video series in its entirety, and please leave questions and comments below. I will respond to every one of them.

Thank you so much for joining us. Take care and we will see you soon! 

2 Responses

  1. eidypiedy says:

    Your analogy of holding onto the water tight is really good. When I heard you say that in last weeks video i thought of how my Dad taught me how to play golf, to loosen my grip on the club so that the ball would go farther and in the right direction. Not to be so tense and rigid behind the club, just to go with the natural flow. Same thing You talked about, if you hold on with less of a grip things will all fall into place.
    Great job T.

  2. taggu43 says:

    That’s exactly right eidypiedy. When you loosen your grip on the golf club, the club does more of the work and the ball travels farther. When we loosen our grip on others, they do more of the work and shine like only they know how. Good analogy. Thank you for sharing.

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