A Call to Love – St. Valentine’s Sacrifice

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A Call to Love – St. Valentine’s Sacrifice









“Love is the beauty of the soul.” – St. Augustine

As legend has it, St. Valentine lived in the third century as a priest in Rome.

The emperor at the time outlawed marriage for single men because apparently being unmarried made them better soldiers.

St. Valentine had a problem with this injustice.

He performed thousands of marriage ceremonies in secret for couples in Rome. Once he was discovered disobeying the Emperor, he was imprisoned and beheaded for his actions.

Herein lies the message of St. Valentine…are you going to succumb to fear because of what might happen or has already happened in your relationship or do you choose love regardless of the circumstances?

That’s a tough question. While most of us don’t worry about being beheaded in today’s world, many people, especially married couples, allow fear to keep them from loving their spouses to the fullest extent.

We tend to focus on what we don’t have instead of what we do have with our loved one. And fear pounces on that like a wild animal and brings us more of what we don’t want.

What kind of fears overtake us?

Fear of betrayal, fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of falling out of love, fear of rejection, fear of dreams unrealized, all kinds of fear. And we focus on it intently hoping the other person will change.

And yet, our love stands by waiting to be used to overcome our fear permanently.

You and I can change the Game of Love.

Fear and love cannot be felt simultaneously.

When you choose one, the other must take a seat.

So when you are in fear, you are not in love.

When you choose love, fear cannot affect you.

Which brings us back to the sacrifice of St. Valentine…He chose to cultivate love for others despite the knowledge and fear that his actions for love would cost him his life.

So which will you choose on Friday, February 14th, St. Valentine’s Day?

Fear or Love?

If you choose love, forgiveness cannot be far behind. As a matter of fact, forgiveness is the highest form of love. It can eliminate fear in a heartbeat.

If you decide to choose love, consider thinking of your significant other or spouse and say to yourself:

‘I forgive you for all of it and I choose to love you, come what may. I forgive myself for holding on to this resentment and I accept myself completely.”

Take a deep breath and blow fear out of you to float forever away.

Revel in love today because you can right now, no matter what has gone down in your relationship or marriage.

There is nothing that can’t be forgiven because each moment is a new opportunity to choose Fear or Love.

So for St. Valentine’s sake and the health of your relationship, remember and honor what one precious saint chose so long ago in the name of Love.







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