Three Baby Steps to Healing Your Life Now

Peace Awaits

Three Baby Steps to Healing Your Life Now

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With a new year in full swing, sometimes we can unintentionally carry the old into a new beginning. Resentments, old hurts, and wounds, covered and sealed up from the past, still play a big part of our current makeup, character, and affect the state of our overall well being.

As part of our examination of this new year, now may be a good time to ask objectively, “what parts of me or my life need a fresh start?”

Here are three tried and true ways we can begin to shed the old skin you have accumulated for a renewed, healed beginning:

Baby Step # 1: Give Up the Hurt – just like a cut, we tend to our injuries by cleaning the wound, bandaging it up, and being careful to keep it high and dry until nature does her thing. Giving up our internal resentments and wounds in our relationships is as simple as giving them to God to wipe away and clean up our mess.

It happens beautifully every time we fully accept God’s intervention.

We simply release the hurt by allowing it to leave the mind, body, and spirit because its time to clean the wound up. We literally give up the whys and let God do His thing with it. Miraculously, just like Mother Nature, things find a way to heal and seal properly with the right care.

Baby Step #2: Get Reconnected – our old wounds, if not healed under the right conditions, take us away from our heavenly focus. We instead, overthink our fears and wounds because they have caused us great pain. And like a injury that won’t heal, all we can focus on is getting it fixed and right now!

But once we get a little positive momentum, we can connect back to ourselves in the form of prayer and praise to our God. Just as in Baby Step #1, cleansing our wounds frees us to focus on other things besides the severity of the injury. It frees us to focus UP with gratitude and love. Whew! What a relief!

Baby Step #3: Give Your Love Away – as we give our hurts away and reconnect to the flow of our love, we are free to give infinitely more of our love away to the people around us and to everyone who crosses our path.

One of the pillars of human connection is finding and speaking the good in others. Once that becomes the focus, then your mind and your heart will seek it more and more. This naturally leads to greater and faster healing set up properly under the right conditions.

Putting these three baby steps into action, Giving Up the Hurt, Getting Reconnected, and Giving Your Love Away frees your whole person to be in a state of grace, mercy, and kindness that is the foundation of your True Self.

Here’s to a lot more of that grace in 2018!

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