40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 39 Seeing the Good in Others

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40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 39 Seeing the Good in Others


Oh, my friend, it’s not what they take away from you that counts.  It’s what you do with what you have left.

~Hubert Humphrey

To see the good takes effort and patience, especially when it’s a stressful situation or we just would rather wring someone’s neck instead.

Seeing the good means maintaining the positive in the midst of negatives all around.

We may have been hurt or wounded inside and the last thing we want is to find the good in someone else.

However, the forgiveness process frees a person to see the good in whoever they are forgiving.

Seeing the good is essential to completing forgiveness.

We find that those who don’t see the good in others still can harbor resentment.

Those that see some good, just a little, in another person or themselves open the door to a new perspective that was desperately sought after.

Find something small to start like, “my husband does take the trash out” or “my wife does fix my coffee for me. That’s good.”

Build a little on a little. See one good thing, then two.

Our loved ones need us to see the good in them when they can’t.

It feeds them and it feeds you in a positive way that nourishes your soul when you find what is good.

And you open yourself up to forgive and move on in safety.

What good can you see in those around you today?

Someone may be depending on you to do just that.


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