40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 6 Increasing Faithfulness

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40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 6 Increasing Faithfulness






“My job is faithfulness and His job is results.” ~ Mother Teresa

With all of the things I have going in my life, it’s hard to stay faithful. I don’t mean in the physical sense per se, but in the spiritual, mental, and emotional sense as well. 

Being faithful to my purpose and mission in life, my job, my family, my friends, to myself is important and keeps me in line.

Faithfulness is hard, but I’m reminded that being faithful keeps me close to God.

It’s because I am faithful that I stay on my intended path. When I become unfaithful to myself, it’s an opportunity to be renewed in my faithfulness once again.

So, I forgive myself for not being faithfulness to any part of my life that has gotten off course.

I give myself a break from stress and worry that I will not get back on track.

I state my intention to be free of unfaithfulness.

I WILL be faithful once again. 

I allow my emotions of unfaithfulness to surface. I say to it, “You have let me down! I have let me down! I would rather be faithful to my life, but I am not. I’m done with this unfaithfulness. I will not be a part of it any longer. Forgive me!”

I allow the Higher part of me take over, that place that knows I am faithful to the best of my intentions.

I call upon those people in my life who were faithful and loving to me to help me now release my feeling of unfaithfulness. 

I imagine myself sitting in a chair and the Higher Self part of me rising out of the chair and standing while the small me remains sitting.

With the people I care about flanking my sides I extend my hands over my small self, forgiving the unfaithfulness in the small me still sitting in the chair.

The Higher part of me is all knowing and loving with kindness and compassion towards the small me. It is from this higher place that I can truly forgive myself and my unfaithfulness in whatever form it takes in my life.

I realize that my unfaithfulness is not bigger than God or Spirit. Therefore, He can help me overcome it.

And as I release myself from a Higher place, I extend my hands and utter the words, “All is forgiven.”

Then when I’m ready, I visualize my Higher Self sitting back down in the chair where my small self is and integrating both together again.

I tap my feet to make sure I am back into the feeling of my body and I give thanks for the opportunity to be forgiven for my unfaithfulness to my life.

I notice how I feel now and see what changes take place in me in the next couple of days.

I then go in peace and walk in faithfulness once again as a new person.

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