40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 5 Procrastination

Peace Awaits

40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 5 Procrastination






“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by putting it off today.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

As I begin my day, I realize that I have so much to accomplish and I probably won’t get to everything.

I will probably feel bad that I didn’t get it all done. If only I had more time…

Or maybe I do have time, but I’m not getting it done.

Today, I will recognize that I am where I am in life, and forgive the procrastinator in me for not doing more.

I will let myself off the hook, release the guilt I feel for not doing and then take action when it’s called for in the future.

First, I get quiet and state my intention to be free of procrastination.

Next, I let the emotion of procrastination surface. I say, “procrastination, you aren’t helping me out here. I am behind because of you! I would prefer to be on top of what I need to do, but I’m not. Stop it! I’m not participating with you anymore!”

I really feel that statement and believe in its power.

I let go of the expectation that the procrastinator in me is going away.

I realize that procrastination in me could be keeping me from being successful, so I open up to a new way in my life.

I reach higher in my consciousness and let the higher part of myself take over, that part of me that knows how important action is and wants the best for me in all circumstances.

I open my arms to my Higher Self, that judge advocate that is always FOR me. My Higher Self is connected to Divinity and the Holy One who also helps me.

I allow beautiful white Light from the Divine to come into my Higher Self and then into my body, like sunlight pouring through a skylight on the top of my head.

I let this Light course through my veins all throughout my body, visualizing it carrying inaction away from me forevermore.

I see procrastination leaving me like a old piece of clothing that needs to be retired for good.

I see whats good about me, that I am a person who can take action and lots of it. I have chosen to activate the part of me that will do what needs to be done with a smile on my face.

I am grateful for the opportunity to get into action and thank my Higher Self and the Divine above for the change.

Lastly, I say, “Procrastination, I release you to be somewhere else and I release me to be me…a person in action.”

I take several deep breaths and I let this settle into my bones. I notice how I feel over the next couple of days, if there are any changes in me that I become more aware of.

I have forgiven the procrastinator in me and I feel good.

I find opportunities to act and now…I like action.


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