40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 3 The Will of the Will

Peace Awaits

40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 3 The Will of the Will

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“The will is the Cinderella of Modern Psychology.” – Roberto Assagioli

The Will…it’s the most powerful tool in your personal toolbox.

It’s the decision to do something and stick to it without wavering.

Your will allows you to forgive and find peace.

When you make a statement like this: “I WILL be kinder to myself because I have been really hard on me,” you make a declaration that you are going to make a change.

The will gives you the “kick in the pants” to get going and not turn back.

You make a firm choice and go, not because it’s popular, but because you can’t live like this anymore and change is no longer an option…it’s a must.

You invoke the power of your will to make change happen.

You can say something like: “Today, I WILL forgive so and so because I want to lookout for me!”

When you do, you are on your way to ultimate peace and freedom.

Will you forgive that person or situation today? 



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