40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 13 Find Your Peace

Peace Awaits

40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 13 Find Your Peace

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“Peace comes to the unchained heart.” ~ Taylor Tagg

The Peace that surpasses all understanding came in.

That’s what happened to me on March, 11, 2011. As I began to feel the effects of forgiving my younger self for bearing adult responsibilities in my childhood that were never mine, the peace came in.

It was sacred, still, and never ending.

It enveloped me like a wave, a wave of love that I knew would never leave me.

You don’t see those moments coming.

They spontaneously appear and tap you on the shoulder like a surprise.

But the surprise is yours to keep forever…like a gift that keeps on giving.

As we go into our week, let us be mindful of the things or people that are keeping us from our peace.

This requires a subtle shift in our inner state of being, not in the outside circumstances of life.

Let us move into the space of forgiveness, not for anyone else, but for us.

You deserve it.

You deserve the peace that surpasses all understanding.

We all do.

Join me tomorrow as we once again look into ways to make forgiveness happen for us where it would normally not happen.

May peace be yours today!

To read Taylor’s entire story to peace, see The Path to a Peaceful Heart


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