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Peace Awaits

40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 21 Giving Up Being Perfect

          “Today is a great day to give your best and be ok with the fact that it was not perfect.” ~ Taylor Tagg Human perfectionism is one of those things we seem programmed to achieve. Get it right, no get it perfect! That’s tough to do all the time or…
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40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 5 Procrastination

        “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by putting it off today.” ~ Abraham Lincoln As I begin my day, I realize that I have so much to accomplish and I probably won’t get to everything. I will probably feel bad that I didn’t get it all done. If only I…
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The Most Important Work You Will Ever Do

    To forgive another is to set a prisoner free, then realize the prisoner is you. ~  Lewis Smedes In the fourth blog post from my forthcoming book The Path to a Peaceful Heart, we take a look at possibly the MOST important work one can do in his/her life….the work of Forgiveness. Today,…
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The Greatest Moment of My Life

infertility-treatment-online.net. Contents••••••Infertility of the 2nd degree is diagnosed in women who have already given birth or were pregnant, but the pregnancy for some reason was interrupted. There are many different pathologies leading to the development of such problems in the reproductive system. What is 2nd degree Infertility?Gynecologists diagnose infertility of the 2nd degree to women…
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