7 Forgiveness Tips to Start the New Year

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7 Forgiveness Tips to Start the New Year

time_FINALForgiveness, for most of us, is the equivalent of pulling teeth out of our heads. No way! However, once you decide to be like Nike and Just Do It, you realize it’s not like pulling teeth at all. It’s like getting the best tooth cleaning that you’ve had in years! You feel squeaky clean! Amazing!

There are several forgiveness opportunities in early 2016 to jump on the bandwagon and do the swoosh!

To get you ready, I wanted to give you a few forgiveness tips to begin the new year, so that when you get the hankering, you are in the mindset to make something positive happen within you that could change the course of your life forever.

7 Forgiveness Tips to Start the New Year:

1. The human spirit is remarkable! We can get over anything we set our minds and hearts to…anything!

2. We are bigger than the pain in our own worst story. It’s time to get big and move our story in a positive direction. I would be honored to show you how.

3. Most people go only a part of the way with forgiveness. We want to go all the way baby! How do you know if you have forgiven completely? If you can think of the person and honestly have no negative reaction at all in thought or feeling (neutral), you are fully there. This is different from feeling numb. If you feel numb, you are avoiding or resisting the person or situation.

4. Forgiveness empowers you to breakthrough fear! This thing called life is a battle of you vs you. Let this be the year you get out of the resist and resent mentality so that life can begin to help you instead of escalating the no-win war on the inside.

5. What looks like weakness on the exterior is actually the awakening of inner strength within. If ever I’ve seen a more cunning illusion in disguise, resentment is it. With so much to seemingly to lose by forgiving, the exact opposite appears when an act of forgiveness is complete. Everything is there to gain…your full love restored, negative emotions released forever, peace all around. It’s crazy good.

6. We are very reluctant to forgive because of the benefit we get from holding on. What is the benefit you get from your resentments? Is it the desire for power, thoughts of revenge or getting even, making them pay? The door to forgiveness opens when you shine the light on your payoff and bring it into your awareness.

7. Forgiveness is free! I like to say forgiveness is the greatest, most abundant emotional resource available today that is virtually untapped! Imagine dumping the weight of a heavy anchor you have been dragging everywhere in an instant and opening like a rose in the midst of a brilliant parting of the clouds. That’s what this gem of a resource gives every time.

The new year has begun. Is this year the time to finally take advantage of what forgiveness can provide?

Peace be with you always,


If you want to learn how to forgive, listen to The Eight Steps to Peace.

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