40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 25 The Courage to Let Go

Peace Awaits

40 Days of Forgiveness – Day 25 The Courage to Let Go


The ability to forgive and step through something that seems impossible takes courage and fortitude.

It’s not easy.

Very few say hang in there at all costs, even when the going becomes unbearable.

Yet adversity and tough times teach us some of life’s greatest lessons if we are willing to find the diamonds in the rough.

They are always there waiting on us to take a chance on finding them.

Forgiveness is no different.

It takes great strength and courage to let go of the ties that bind you to someone else or yourself.

Yet for those who take the step, forgiveness offers peace and freedom beyond a person’s wildest dreams.

And forgiveness remains permanent, forever gifting you a calmness and lovingness inside your heart that cannot be taken away.

Forgiveness gives you a ticket to be free, free to become the very best of your potentiality because you are no longer tied to that which hurts you.

This is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself.

Is it time to find your diamond?


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